Grooming & Care

The benefits of grooming and care.

Regular grooming is an important part of your pet’s overall care. The benefits of grooming include:

Improved cleanliness, odour and appearance.

Reduced risk of eye, ear, skin, tooth and nail infections.

Improved circulation and skin health.

Reduced infestations
(fleas, tics, mites, etc.)

Increased sociability.

Regular grooming familiarises pets with handling and interaction with humans and other animals, helping them to relax and be comfortable in social situations.

Easier vet checks.

Grooming helps acquaint your pet with regular handling, particularly around problem areas such as the feet, face and tail.

Lower vets bills. 

Grooming improves overall health outcomes and can help detect medical problems before they become emergencies.

Increased comfort and wellbeing of your pet.

Why use a professional groomer?

We encourage owners to get involved with grooming their own pets at home between visits. Grooming builds trust and affection between you and your pet and maintains their general cleanliness and appearance.  

However, the expertise and experience of a professional groomer is second to none.  All pets can benefit from professional grooming and for some breeds, it is a must to maintain their health and wellbeing.

Doggie & Moggie can supply equipment and products to help you maintain your pets' style between visits. Talk to us about what you need!

What professional grooming provides:

The experience and skill to provide the best products, cut and styling for each breed’s coat type.

A thorough health check.

Our knowledge of animal health means we can spot signs of potential health problems, skin irritations and injuries, which owners often miss.

Hygiene services such as dental cleaning and claw clipping, which also help to avoid disease and infection.

A beautiful, professional finish.


Pet grooming is currently an unregulated industry, which is why choosing a good groomer - one with the qualifications, experience and knowledge to safely care for your pet - is crucial. The RSPCA has a useful guide to help you find the right groomer for you. To learn more about our groomers’ qualifications and experience, visit the About Us page.

Beyond Grooming

We all want a healthy pet with a beautiful coat, but grooming alone can only get you so far. 

Nutrition is also a vital component of animal health, which is why we supply a carefully selected range of high-quality dog and cat food products.

Pet obesity is a growing problem with serious health implications for animals. We understand that helping your pet maintain a healthy weight can be challenging. Choosing the right, high-quality, nutrient-rich foods can help, as can tools such as the Pet Size-O-Meter which helps owners identify whether their pet is a healthy weight and when to seek veterinary advice.

We may weigh your pet as part of the overall, regular care we give them, but do feel free to pop in and use our professional scales whenever you like!

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