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Caring for your pet, inside and out

Our holistic philosophy of animal health means that we care as much about the health of your pet’s gut as we do about the maintenance of their coat.

Every animal is a complex, interconnected ecosystem which needs to be kept in a careful balance. To remain strong, healthy and happy, the whole system needs the best care and attention. That’s why we are so passionate about pet nutrition. 

Doggie and Moggie have carefully selected a range of pet food products, toys and accessories which meet our high standards for health, nutrition and wellbeing.

Our Suppliers

Eden Holistic Pet Foods

Developed in consultation with vet and nutritionists, Eden Holistic Foods’ dog and cat products use the best quality meats, fruits and vegetables, and are completely grain and gluten free. Eden are first British dog food brand to receive a 5-star rating from

Walker and Drake

Manufactured in the UK, Walker & Drake’s complete nutrition dog food has a high meat content, a carefully designed high quality blend of ingredients and no junk! Walker and Drake’s dog foods and treats are cold-pressed to preserve the nutritional integrity and natural flavour of the ingredients. 

Green and Wilds

Green and Wilds are a British company specialising in natural, healthy products for dogs, made with honest ingredients.

In-store recycling


Doggie & Moggie offer free terracycle recycling of pet food packaging to all our customers. Simply drop off your clean, empty packaging at the salon and we’ll do the rest.

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