Dog Grooming

Regular grooming is important for your dog’s health, hygiene and happiness.

What sort of grooming and how often depends on a dog’s breed, coat condition and general health. Every dog - long or short hair, pedigree or cross-breed -  will enjoy the benefits of regular, professional grooming.

Free consultation

Every dog is different and requires personalised care. 

That’s why we offer a 30-minute, free grooming consultation for new and returning clients, allowing you access to our groomers’ expertise in selecting the most suitable care plan for your dog.

Full Groom (long/short haired)

Includes a health check, brush, bath, blow dry, full body styling, eye and ear cleaning and claws trimmed.

Bath, brush and blow dry

An in-between groom to keep your dog looking their best. Includes everything in a full groom except body styling

Claw clipping

An essential part of dog grooming. Claw maintenance isn’t simply cosmetic and in some cases, unclipped claws may cause pain and other health issues.


This specialist technique is suitable for wire coated breeds whose owners prefer a natural look. Hand-stripping involves using a stripping knife and fingers to remove dead hair from the coat, resulting in a neat, waterproof top coat.

The treatment includes a health check, ear and claw care, hand-stripping, plus application of a dry shampoo. A consultation is required prior to first appointment to determine temperament and coat suitability.

Puppy grooming

Introducing your puppy to grooming at an early age is important to ensure they learn to tolerate and enjoy grooming throughout their lives (especially when it comes to claw clipping and ear trimming). 

Our puppy grooming service is suitable for puppies up to six months and includes a brush through of the coat, bath, gentle blow dry, eye and ear cleaning, paw and eye tidy (if needed) and claw trim. Puppies can visit the salon as early as two weeks after their last vaccinations. 

Initially, we will carry out a free 30-minute consultation with you to determine your puppy’s requirements and come up with the best grooming plan for them. This offers your puppy a chance to get used to the many sights, sounds and smells of the salon before their first haircut.

Teeth cleaning

Doggie and Moggie are proud to offer emmi®-pet Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning (subject to initial consultation). 

Good oral hygiene protects your dog from tartar, gum inflammation and secondary diseases. It also results in noticeably fresher breath! Emmi-dent, is a unique and patented dental care system, which promises 'Superior dental hygiene with 100% Original Ultrasound.' The process is painless and gentle, whilst thoroughly removing plaque and harmful bacteria from your pet’s teeth and gums.

Book your free consultation

You can arrange a completely FREE, no-obligation salon consultation visit to see our state-of-the-art facilities, meet our friendly team and decide for yourself whether Doggie & Moggie is the right fit for your pet.

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